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Carrot cake with lemon-cashew frosting

Carrot cake with lemon-cashew frosting

Energy balls made from chickpeas

Energy balls are the perfect snack for in between meals! We have conjured up some based on chickpeas, so you can easily save a few calories and still have a snack.

Hazelnut Carrot Cake Protein Porridge

Carrot Cake in a Bowl, here we go! Die Kombination aus unserem 3K Protein Hazelnut, Zimt und Karotten ist einfach mega lecker! Das perfekte Protein-Frühstück für kalte Tage!

Peanut caramel protein bar

Here's a recipe in a class of its own: based on the well-known peanut and caramel bar, our version comes with an extra portion of protein.

Korean pancakes with protein

We travel to Korea for this protein-rich, savory breakfast! Asian vegetable pancakes with a delicious soy dip.

The healthiest gingerbread in the world!

Gingerbread, the Christmas classic! We have a particularly healthy, protein-rich version for you. And soooo delicious!

Protein Kaiserschmarrn

A particularly protein-rich start to the day: vegan Kaiserschmarrn with pomegranate provides an extra portion of protein in the morning and is incredibly tasty.

Carrot cake with lemon cashew frosting

No day without healthy snacks! Here's a delicious, protein-rich cake that you can snack on without feeling guilty: Blueberry cake with an extra portion of protein!

Banh Mi - Vietnamese baguette with teriyaki tofu

Head straight to Vietnam with these baguettes! Banh Mi, a typical Vietnamese dish, Nutri-Plus style with teriyaki tofu and garlic sauce, vegan of course!

Quick protein oat cookies

Fancy some healthy cookies? Here they are! The cookie dough is ready in just a few minutes and then it's time to eat freshly baked, protein-rich cookies!

Caramel protein granola

This quick recipe will really spice up your breakfast: Protein granola fresh and warm straight from the oven, without any sugar!

DIY protein bar

Delicious, vegan protein bars that are easy to make yourself with just a few ingredients. The best part? Changing the type of protein powder and adding variety!

Zucchini curly fries

Zucchinis are real all-rounders, as this protein-rich, crispy snack recipe shows! Our paprika protein chips provide extra spice and protein.

Juicy protein zucchini brownies

Zucchinis in a brownie? And so much more! They taste insanely delicious, are wonderfully juicy and a portion of vegetables can be eaten on the side.

Crispy sesame teriyaki tofu

Tofu is boring? This recipe proves otherwise! Marinated with sesame seeds and low-calorie teriyaki sauce, it's an absolute flavor bomb!

Bean goulash with protein pancakes

Home cooking like grandma used to make, but VEGAN! This bean goulash with delicious protein pancakes takes us back to our childhood, #delicious!

Onigirirazu - Sushi sandwich with teriyaki sauce

Here comes the Asian snack inspo! These sushi sandwiches are the perfect to-go meal, but are also ideal for a cozy dinner. Refined with low-calorie teriyaki sauce - perfect!

Sweet-Savory Protein-Pancakes mit "Bacon"

The combination of sweet maple syrup and savory vegan bacon is simply amazing. The protein pancakes are also quick to make with our mix.

Peace guacamole made from peas

Guacamole with a difference! Instead of avocado, we use green peas and pea protein for even more protein. Tastes delicious & is in no way inferior to the classic.

Quick cinnamon buns with vanilla pudding

If you're in a hurry, then these delicious cinnamon buns are just the thing! And don't forget some vanilla sauce on top.

High Protein Peanutbutter Strawberry Cheesecake Balls

Hier kommt ein besonders proteinreicher Snackangerollt: proteinreiche Erdnuss-Erdbeer-Bällchen. Perfekter, schneller Snack für Zwischendurch!

Protein meringue pancakes with salted caramel frosting

The classic pancake tower has competition from this protein Kaiserschmarren! A permanent fixture on the breakfast menu from now on!

BBQ fruit skewers with chocolate marzipan cream

Barbecuing can also be sweet! Delicious fruit skewers combined with a healthy chocolate marzipan cream are the perfect dessert for the barbecue season.

Hearty Natures breakfast muffins

Get your day off to the perfect start with these hearty protein muffins! Fluffy consistency, practical to take away and our Natures protein walnut provides a protein-rich flavor boost!

High-protein strawberry tiramisu

Enjoy a pinch of dolce vita with our strawberry tiramisu! High in protein and low in calories, but full of Italian flair. A vacation for the palate!

Cheesecake and raspberry ice cream on a stick

Cheesecake meets ice cream! This protein-rich recipe is a refreshing summer treat! With the ingredients, you can also enjoy it a second time with a clear conscience.

Seitan shashlik with pepper sauce

Looking for a vegan, protein-rich barbecue alternative? These seitan shashlik skewers bring variety to the barbecue - and an extra portion of protein!

Tomato Basil / Caesar Hummus

We could bathe ourselves in hummus! It's just too good. You can also easily spice it up with our low-calorie sauces!

High-protein ice cream: Strawberry cream with brownie pieces

Delicately melting strawberry cream ice cream with delicious brownie pieces. No one will believe that the base for this delicious, protein-rich ice cream is a sweet potato!

Coconut and raspberry protein balls

This snack provides #summervibes: coconut and raspberries together with our 3K Protein Coconut-Almond bring summer straight to your tongue! The perfect protein snack for in between meals!

Protein ice cream sandwich

Is there anything cooler than vegan ice cream? Sure, these high-protein ice cream sandwiches: delicious cookie dough ice cream between two protein cookies.

High-protein Strawberry Cheesecake

This Strawberry Cheesecake not only tastes like the ice cream from childhood memories, but is also the perfect fitness dessert with lots of protein. Perfect for celebrating 8 years of Nutrition-Plus!

Mango and passion fruit pralines

Healthy chocolate pralines? The combination of passion fruit and coconut brings summer straight to your tongue.

Overnight Lemon Chia Pudding

Meal-prep made easy. Chia seeds are perfect for an overnight breakfast 2Go - and thanks to our protein pudding, it's also particularly rich in protein.

Banoffee Pie

This banoffee pie is an absolute must-try! We use the Nutri-Plus Blondie mix, Flave Drops and our caramel pudding to make the pie not only super tasty, but also high in protein and low in calories.

Vegan chickpea omelette

Sunday brunch is saved: our vegan chickpea omelette is quick to make and brings plenty of variation to the breakfast table with different fillings. Our sauces also refine the taste.