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Von Baklava bis Bum Bum Eis: Die verrücktesten Flavours für unser 6K Protein

Eure kreativen Köpfe waren gefragt! Entdecke die wildesten Ideen der Proteinpulver-Flavours.  Von Bum Bum Eis bis Falafel – eure kreativen waren keine Grenzen gesetzt. Seid gespannt auf eure Top 3 der wildesten Geschmäcker des 6K Proteins!

The top 5 medicinal plants for women: Treat cycle disorders, PMS and menopausal symptoms naturally!

Menstruation too heavy, too light, too infrequent or irregular? Cycle disorders, menstrual pain, PMS and menopausal symptoms can also be treated with herbal remedies!

Ecdysterone - everything you need to know about the natural anabolic steroid

What Popeye already knew over 90 years ago was confirmed by a sensational study in 2019: Spinach makes you strong.

How to prevent a fatty liver

Weak, listless, tired? A weakened or overtaxed liver has negative effects on your health. Find out here what damages the liver and how you can protect it.

Cellulite, fascia & co: strengthen your connective tissue with lysine

Our connective tissue has numerous functions. For example, it protects and stabilises organs, is involved in immune defence and can form and store specific substances.

Alkaline fasting: Fit and balanced into the summer

In spring/summer, many people opt for fasting, e.g. to recharge their batteries or lose weight. If food deprivation sounds unbearable to you, why not try alkaline fasting - a gentler method without starvation.

Sugar withdrawal: how to give up sweets easily

Too much sugar damages your figure and health. Sugar withdrawal often causes problems, but you can find out which symptoms occur and how to overcome sugar addiction in this blog post.

Zinc: The all-rounder among the trace elements

Zinc is an essential trace element that the body cannot produce itself and we are therefore dependent on an adequate supply through food or dietary supplements.

Carrot cake with lemon-cashew frosting

Carrot cake with lemon-cashew frosting

Spring fatigue: what helps against listlessness?

It is estimated that every second German suffers from spring fatigue in spring. Our tips will help you to combat fatigue and tiredness and feel fitter again.

Natural antidepressant: Does St. John's wort help with depression?

Natural antidepressants such as St. John's wort can help with mild and moderate depression. You can read more about the effects and side effects of St. John's wort extract in the blog post.

Vitamin deficiency? You should look out for these symptoms!

Vitamins are substances in our organism that perform vital tasks. Even if the body only needs very small amounts every day, an inadequate supply of a vitamin quickly becomes noticeable.

Vitamin-B12-Supplementierung: Cyanocobalamin vs. Methylcobalamin

Vitamin B12 is involved in important metabolic processes in the body - including the breakdown of amino and fatty acids.

Muscle building: animal or vegetable protein?

Everyone knows that you need protein to build muscle! But one question comes up again and again: Which protein is better? Animal or plant-based? Whey or soy? You can find the answer to this in today's blog post.

Vegan protein powder test - comparison 2023: How to find the best protein powder

Do you want to optimize your protein intake and are wondering which protein powder is best for you? We'll tell you in our test.

Vegan protein sources: the best plant-based protein sources

Vegan protein sources are in no way inferior to animal proteins and also have many health benefits. You can find out which plant-based foods are particularly rich in protein in our blog post.

Vegan diet & sport: Which supplements should not be missed?

Supplements are often used in sports to improve performance and cover the increased need for nutrients. Read this blog post to find out which supplements should not be missing from a vegan diet.

Shopping guide: How to recognize vegan products

In our shopping guide, we give you a few tips to make your vegan start easier.

Vegan nutrition guide: A simple plant-based diet

Today we'll be looking at how you can create a balanced and healthy meal plan from vegan products.

Watch out: Animal ingredients are hidden here!

Milk, eggs, cheese or sausages: With many foods, you can tell immediately whether they are vegan or not. In order to identify the less clear-cut cases, many people take a look at the ingredients list to check for animal ingredients.

Essential amino acids and their tasks

Find out all about essential amino acids in our blog post. Which ones are important and what functions do they have in our body? Clear up your knowledge!

Vitamin D - intake, deficiency, effect, requirement

Vitamin D for bones & immune system. Also relevant for chronic diseases & health.

Vitamins for vegans - what to look out for!

To prevent a micronutrient deficiency, you should consider which vitamins are important for vegans.

What you need to know about omega-3 fatty acids

You can find out what omega-3 fatty acids are and what effect they have on our health in our blog post

Tryptophan - the amino acid for a good mood and healthy sleep

Tryptophan is regarded as mood-enhancing and sleep-promoting. The amino acid is the precursor of important neurotransmitters such as serotonin and melatonin and is often used for self-treatment of depressive moods and sleep disorders.

Tips for a relaxed Christmas season

Preparations for the festive season are in full swing. In our blog post, we show you how to bring more serenity to the Christmas season.

Sugar alternatives: Which sweetener is the best?

Sugar provides a lot of energy and contributes to the development of obesity and secondary diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Read our article to find out which sugar alternatives are available and whether they are really healthier.

Laboratory values: How do you recognise a vitamin B12 deficiency in the blood?

A vitamin B12 deficiency occurs relatively frequently. In order to determine a B12 deficiency in the blood count, specific laboratory values must be analysed.

World Vegan Day: Why we celebrate the vegan lifestyle on November 1

World Vegan Day is an international day of action that is celebrated on November 1. It offers a wonderful opportunity to rethink your consumption habits and find out more about the vegan lifestyle.

How does the time change affect our biorhythm?

It's that time of year again this weekend: our clocks go back to winter time. The topic of the time change has received a lot of media attention in recent months.

Sleep better: these tips help you fall asleep

Do you often have trouble falling asleep and wake up regularly during the night? Then you are one of about a third of Germans who have sleep disorders.

Vegan start: switching to a plant-based diet

In today's blog post, we'll show you how you can easily change your diet.

Interview with Planetics: How can we make the sports industry more sustainable?

In addition to fair sports fashion, you can also find sustainable sports nutrition and accessories at PLANETICS. In this interview, founder Fabian tells us why it is necessary to make the sports industry more sustainable and how the company was founded.

Allergy diet: what helps against hay fever & co

Watery eyes, itchy nose, constant sneezing - spring and summer can be a challenge for hay fever sufferers. Did you know that taking omega-3 fatty acids or black cumin oil can reduce your symptoms?

The nutri+ nutrition concept with the Kilopurzler Shake - vegan meal replacement

The nutri+ protein diet was developed by our nutritionists and consists of three points.

Which summer sports burn the most calories?

Even if the heat sometimes makes it very difficult, summer is simply the best time of year to do sport outside.