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About Us

Vegan is just a trend!? Are you kidding me?

More and more people and especially athletes are eating a vegan diet. The plant-based diet has long been more than just a trend. We at Nutri-Plus also live the vegan lifestyle professionally and privately! We want to inform and bring you closer to the vegan fitness lifestyle.

Our belief – your profit!

Our team of nutritionists and fitness experts is here to help you with any questions you may have. We plow through the latest studies, inform you about the hottest trends and give you practical tips on vegan (sports) nutrition, fitness and health. Because we believe: The best for you is also the best for the environment and the animals.

Act - for more sustainability!

That's why we are constantly working on new products and optimising your favourite Nutri-Plus products. In production, our focus is on 100% recyclable packaging for more sustainability out of love for our environment.

Every life counts!

That's why every month we support changing animal and environmental protection organisations with €1 per completed order on our homepage. With every purchase at Nutri-Plus, you also help us to stand up for the living creatures that have no voice. For a world in which everyone can live healthy and happy lives.

Our commitment to animal welfare

Animals have rights too! We are glad that there are numerous organisations that defend the rights of all animals. They are highly committed to ensuring that those who have no voice can live in peace.

We know that a commitment to animal welfare is not possible without financial support in today's fast-paced world. For this reason, we regularly support animal welfare organisations so that they can continue to successfully pursue their goals. At this point we would like to thank the organisations (including the many volunteers) for taking on the numerous challenges every day to fight for the rights of all living creatures.

In addition to fixed donations and sponsorships, we have also been supporting a different animal welfare organisation every month since 2016 with €1 per completed order on our homepage . In addition to large organisations, our campaigns also include animal shelters, stray animal shelters and charities. 


In addition to our animal welfare campaign, we also support numerous other projects. You can find out what these are here.

Our animal welfare campaign in 2023:




German Animal Welfare Office


Animal equality


Doctors against animal testing




Meat the Piglets e.V. for the project Hofzeit 


Albert Schweitzer Foundation


Tierisches Glück e.V.


Animal Rights Watch


Land of the animals





Our animal welfare campaign in 2018:




Gnadenhof Argenhof


Save the chicken




SOKO Animal Welfare




Animal Rights Watch


Offene Käfige e. V.


Gnadenhof Anna e. V.


Animal shelter Remagen


ProVeg International


Animal Equality

Meet the Team

Have you always wondered who the friendly and helpful employees behind the Nutri-Plus company are?
Now you can get to know them all! Not only do you get a face for the names, you will also find short profiles on the back of the pictures that briefly introduce each and every one of us Nutris.

Andreas Kesseler


Ricarda Kesseler-Heidgen

Management Assistent

Nicola Koster

Product Developer

Lea Bauknecht

Graphic Designer

Tatjana Naß

Online Shop Managerin

Osman Zöllner

Head of Online Marketing

Costanza Eroli

Content & Sales Managerin Italy-Spain

Jasmin Lossack

Intern for Social Media

Isabell Beyfuß

Scientific Marketing & Distribution Managerin

Kerstin Groha

Customer Service

Verena Manthey

Customer Service & Team-Assistant

Janina Schäfer

Content & Sales Managerin France

Henry Küper

Senior Performance Marketing Manager
E-Commerce & Marketing Manager
Working Student for Marketing