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Build muscles - increase fitness

Here you will find out the best tips and tricks to increase your fitness and optimally build muscles

Fitness & Muskelaufbau

Ecdysterone - everything you need to know about the natural anabolic steroid

What Popeye already knew over 90 years ago was confirmed by a sensational study in 2019: Spinach makes you strong.

Muscle building: animal or vegetable protein?

Everyone knows that you need protein to build muscle! But one question comes up again and again: Which protein is better? Animal or plant-based? Whey or soy? You can find the answer to this in today's blog post.

Vegan diet & sport: Which supplements should not be missed?

Supplements are often used in sports to improve performance and cover the increased need for nutrients. Read this blog post to find out which supplements should not be missing from a vegan diet.

Essential amino acids and their tasks

Find out all about essential amino acids in our blog post. Which ones are important and what functions do they have in our body? Clear up your knowledge!

Which summer sports burn the most calories?

Even if the heat sometimes makes it very difficult, summer is simply the best time of year to do sport outside.

Marathon: preparation, supplements and nutrition

A marathon and the preparation for it is an extreme challenge. The right diet and the right supplements can support you.

Walking and trail running - a different kind of endurance sport

Running offers health benefits and is popular, but is not suitable for everyone. Alternatives such as walking or hiking are also effective and varied. Find out more in our blog!

Running: Everything you need to know!

Running is one of the most popular outdoor sports. You can find the best tips for beginners and advanced runners in the blog post.

Can protein powders promote flatulence?

Farts are a taboo subject. But why is that? Because farting is completely normal. In this context, the topic often arises that athletes and bodybuilders who consume a lot of protein have to fart more often and that the gases smell particularly bad.

Creatine test: Which creatine is the best?

Creatine is considered the most popular and best-studied sports supplement. You can find out which creatine is best in our creatine test.

Post-workout eating - what you need to bear in mind

Training is over - is it important that you eat something straight after training? And what should you eat? You can find out everything about post-workout eating in our blog post.

Sore muscles: what really helps?

Everyone knows it - the stinging, pulling pain after physical exertion - we're talking about sore muscles. But how does it actually occur and what can you do about it? Find out in today's blog post.

Fit in the home office: keep moving despite corona

Thanks to corona, some bad habits and extra pounds are piling up on your ribs. Stay fit during lockdown with our five tips.

Building muscle: how to make your strength training more effective

Are you training regularly but not getting any closer to your goals? Then it's time to make a change - make your strength training more effective.

Vegan nutrition in professional sport

Meatless for top sporting performance? Unthinkable a few years ago, but soon it will be hard to imagine life without it. Whether Ironman, Formula 1, tennis or weight training - the top of the world rankings is vegan.

Train better? Benefit from our motivational tips!

To train, you not only need strong muscles, but also nerves. Our tips will help you to train more motivated and successfully.

Vegan protein powder for building muscle

Many people believe that plant-based protein powders do not optimally supply the muscles with protein and that vegans therefore find it very difficult to build muscle mass. We will show you that this is not the case.

Sport with a cold: when does it become dangerous?

You're in the middle of training and highly motivated - and then you get sick. On average, Germans catch a cold 1 to 3 times a year.

Home workout: how to train effectively!

Exercise regardless of the weather and opening hours, no queues at the equipment, no travelling - there are numerous advantages to working out within your own four walls.

Why cortisol inhibits your muscle growth

Cortisol and muscle building. Excessive cortisol levels inhibit muscle building. Find out what you can do about this in today's blog post.

BCAA or EAA: Which is better?

BCAAs are among the most popular sports supplements. If you want to build muscle or maintain it in a calorie deficit, there is no way around branched-chain amino acids.

Betaine: What are the benefits of the pre-workout supplement?

Pre-workout supplements are often used to increase performance and maximise pump and focus during training. The most popular supplements are citrulline, caffeine and arginine.

Creatine: why it should not be missing from any diet

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements and helps you to improve your athletic performance. However, you should not only rely on creatine during the build-up phase, the supplement also supports you during a diet.

As a woman in the gym? Avoid these 5 mistakes!

New year, new me! Many women sign up to the gym with this resolution at the beginning of the year. But defining your body and building muscle is not that easy.

Arginine and citrulline: the perfect combo

Do you want to give your all during training and surpass yourself? Then you can't get past arginine and citrulline: the two most effective supplements.

Creatine and women - a sensible combination?

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements for improving performance in sport. Creatine is often associated with images of muscular men, as the supplement is unfortunately usually only used by men.

Pre-workout boosters - these ingredients are important!

You can find out which ingredients should be included in a pre-workout booster in this blog post.

How to get a six-pack!

A six-pack is considered the epitome of physical fitness and is at the top of both men's and women's wish lists. But how do you get a six-pack and can every stomach be transformed into a washboard?

How meaningful is the BMI?

Am I too fat, too thin or just right? The answer to this question is provided by the body mass index (BMI). It is considered THE measurement when it comes to assessing our body weight.

Study proves it: Vitamin D improves performance

When it comes to increasing physical performance with micronutrients, very few athletes think of vitamin D.

Boost testosterone naturally: 5 tips

The sex hormone testosterone is considered THE booster for muscle building. The success of the majority of artificially produced steroids (anabolic steroids) is based on an imitation of the male sex hormone.

High intensity training (HIT): short but intense

High Intensity Training: This training method is supposed to help you build muscle mass faster in as little time as possible. But is that really true?

Why creatine causes weight gain

No other sports supplement has been the subject of as many studies as creatine. This substance has become indispensable in bodybuilding in particular.

L-arginine and the risk factor ADMA

You can find out exactly what ADMA is and how arginine supplementation can help with high plasma levels in our new blog post.

Fascia training: how to stay in shape

Until a few years ago, fascia was considered a passive filling material that had no great benefit for the body. However, recent research has shown that fascia is much more.

BCAAs: muscle building and muscle protection

BCAAs are among the most popular sports supplements. Whether for strength, endurance or recreational sports, they are almost indispensable. In our blog post, you can find out for whom and when supplementation with these three amino acids is worthwhile.