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The top 5 medicinal plants for women: Treat cycle disorders, PMS and menopausal symptoms naturally!

Menstruation too heavy, too light, too infrequent or irregular? Cycle disorders, menstrual pain, PMS and menopausal symptoms can also be treated with herbal remedies!

How to prevent a fatty liver

Weak, listless, tired? A weakened or overtaxed liver has negative effects on your health. Find out here what damages the liver and how you can protect it.

Cellulite, fascia & co: strengthen your connective tissue with lysine

Our connective tissue has numerous functions. For example, it protects and stabilises organs, is involved in immune defence and can form and store specific substances.

Alkaline fasting: Fit and balanced into the summer

In spring/summer, many people opt for fasting, e.g. to recharge their batteries or lose weight. If food deprivation sounds unbearable to you, why not try alkaline fasting - a gentler method without starvation.

Sugar withdrawal: how to give up sweets easily

Too much sugar damages your figure and health. Sugar withdrawal often causes problems, but you can find out which symptoms occur and how to overcome sugar addiction in this blog post.

Zinc: The all-rounder among the trace elements

Zinc is an essential trace element that the body cannot produce itself and we are therefore dependent on an adequate supply through food or dietary supplements.

Spring fatigue: what helps against listlessness?

It is estimated that every second German suffers from spring fatigue in spring. Our tips will help you to combat fatigue and tiredness and feel fitter again.

Natural antidepressant: Does St. John's wort help with depression?

Natural antidepressants such as St. John's wort can help with mild and moderate depression. You can read more about the effects and side effects of St. John's wort extract in the blog post.

Vitamin D - intake, deficiency, effect, requirement

Vitamin D for bones & immune system. Also relevant for chronic diseases & health.

What you need to know about omega-3 fatty acids

You can find out what omega-3 fatty acids are and what effect they have on our health in our blog post

Tryptophan - the amino acid for a good mood and healthy sleep

Tryptophan is regarded as mood-enhancing and sleep-promoting. The amino acid is the precursor of important neurotransmitters such as serotonin and melatonin and is often used for self-treatment of depressive moods and sleep disorders.

Tips for a relaxed Christmas season

Preparations for the festive season are in full swing. In our blog post, we show you how to bring more serenity to the Christmas season.

Laboratory values: How do you recognise a vitamin B12 deficiency in the blood?

A vitamin B12 deficiency occurs relatively frequently. In order to determine a B12 deficiency in the blood count, specific laboratory values must be analysed.

How does the time change affect our biorhythm?

It's that time of year again this weekend: our clocks go back to winter time. The topic of the time change has received a lot of media attention in recent months.

Sleep better: these tips help you fall asleep

Do you often have trouble falling asleep and wake up regularly during the night? Then you are one of about a third of Germans who have sleep disorders.

Allergy diet: what helps against hay fever & co

Watery eyes, itchy nose, constant sneezing - spring and summer can be a challenge for hay fever sufferers. Did you know that taking omega-3 fatty acids or black cumin oil can reduce your symptoms?

Lowering blood pressure: what helps?

High blood pressure is one of the most common chronic diseases and affects around 20-30 million Germans. Natural remedies can often help to lower blood pressure and avoid the need for medication.

Vitamin D: Does it help with corona?

Vitamin D plays an important role in the immune system. The vitamin interacts with most immune cells, e.g. macrophages or B and T lymphocytes. It also stimulates the expression of cathelicidin.

4 tips for more self-love in everyday life

Self-love = key to a happy life. Self-acceptance brings confidence and allows us to form true relationships. Caring for ourselves is the beginning.

Everyone should have these 5 New Year's resolutions!

The new year is just around the corner and this time everything will be different. Today we have five New Year's resolutions for you that will enrich your life.

Strengthening the immune system - what is important?

Our immune system has a lot to do during the cold season. A well-functioning immune system is particularly important in times of corona. Find out how you can strengthen your immune system in our blog post.

HPMC - Everything you need to know

Find out all about our ingredient hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) in our products and why we use it for our capsule shell in our blog post.

Intuitive eating: Lose kilos through mindfulness

Intuitive eating: Find out exactly what's behind it and how it can help you lose weight in today's blog post.

Best before date: food supplements and supplements expired - what to do?

Best before date: Can food supplements and supplements still be taken after the best before date has expired and how can you recognise spoiled products?

Connective tissue weakness: causes, symptoms and consequences

Weak connective tissue is not only associated with supposed visual flaws, but can also cause serious medical problems. Both women and men can be affected.

Do BCAAs help you lose weight?

BCAA are a popular sports supplement. However, BCAA are not only interesting for athletes, those who want to lose weight can also benefit from the amino acids. Leucine in particular plays an important role here.

Herbal mood enhancers: what are the benefits of natural antidepressants?

Many people turn to herbal mood enhancers for mild moods or sleep disorders. But what are the benefits of natural antidepressants?

Medicinal plant milk thistle: ideal for the liver and gall bladder

Even in ancient times, milk thistle was known for its effect on the liver and gastrointestinal tract. Even today, it is still one of the most popular medicinal plants in Europe. You can find out exactly what effects the plant has in our blog post.

Zinc deficiency promotes high blood pressure

A recent study shows that zinc is important for the regulation of blood pressure. Read our blog post to find out what role a zinc deficiency plays in high blood pressure.

How do I prevent a bladder infection?

A burning pain in the bladder region and urinary tract, the constant feeling of having to go to the toilet and the ominous feeling that it won't be the last time. Many people know what we are talking about: cystitis.

Say goodbye to a bloated belly with our "deflator"

Everyone knows it: after a fatty and high-calorie meal, the typical bloated belly makes itself felt. The stomach rumbles, gurgles and you fight against flatulence.

Omega-3 from algae - the better choice for the oceans

Omega-3 from algae - the better choice for the oceans

Migraine: Can a vitamin deficiency be a cause?

Headaches, especially migraines, are widespread. But instead of always resorting to medication, there are other options. We inform you in our blog about prevention and connections with vitamin deficiency.

Intuitive nutrition - how it works

Stop counting calories and tedious diets: Intuitive eating means listening to your body. Discover the benefits and how it can help you lose weight in our blog.

Intermittent fasting: what's behind the trend?

If you want to lose weight, you have to watch what and how much you eat. At least that was the motto until now. Now a new trend is turning this common dietary recommendation on its head: intermittent fasting (also known as intermittent fasting)

Acid-base balance: how to bring it into balance!

Do you know what the term acid-base balance means and how you can positively influence it? In our blog post, we explain everything you need to know about the acid-base balance and our associated new product.