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Here you will find interesting and helpful articles about your health and nutrition.

The top 5 medicinal plants for women: Treat cycle disorders, PMS and menopausal symptoms naturally!

Menstruation too heavy, too light, too infrequent or irregular? Cycle disorders, menstrual pain, PMS and menopausal symptoms can also be treated with herbal remedies!

Ecdysterone - everything you need to know about the natural anabolic steroid

What Popeye already knew over 90 years ago was confirmed by a sensational study in 2019: Spinach makes you strong.

How to prevent a fatty liver

Weak, listless, tired? A weakened or overtaxed liver has negative effects on your health. Find out here what damages the liver and how you can protect it.

Cellulite, fascia & co: strengthen your connective tissue with lysine

Our connective tissue has numerous functions. For example, it protects and stabilises organs, is involved in immune defence and can form and store specific substances.

Alkaline fasting: Fit and balanced into the summer

In spring/summer, many people opt for fasting, e.g. to recharge their batteries or lose weight. If food deprivation sounds unbearable to you, why not try alkaline fasting - a gentler method without starvation.