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Environment and animal welfare

Umwelt- & Tierschutz


Animal testing: a superfluous tradition?

Millions of animals are tortured in German animal testing laboratories every year. Yet there are now enough animal-free methods that could replace animal testing in the long term.

Veganuary - one month vegan diet - What can you achieve?

A vegan month has many benefits for the environment, animals & health! Find out more in the blog about Veganuary - the perfect opportunity to get started.

A vegan diet: Am I making a difference as an individual?

We all want to make a difference: But can I as an individual make a difference at all?

Marine litter and the consequences

Our seas are drowning in garbage - the ocean is becoming a landfill every day. Up to 18,000 pieces of plastic are floating on every km², a catastrophe for animals and the environment.

Are we taking honey away from the bees?

Bees are essential for the environment, but their numbers are dwindling due to bee mortality. Nevertheless, they are being bred en masse due to the high demand for honey.

Interview with Doctors Against Animal Experiments

The 10% animal welfare campaign in April will benefit the association Doctors Against Animal Experiments, among others. In our interview, Managing Director Claus Kronaus introduces us to the association.

Meat Atlas 2021: why something urgently needs to change

Meat consumption: Known risks, no strategies. Paradoxically, consumption is steadily increasing worldwide. Health, social and environmental risks.

Problematic husbandry in egg production

Every year, Germans eat around 217 eggs per capita. Many Germans opt for free-range or organic eggs to ensure a happy life for the hens. But do hens raised in these ways really suffer less?

A vegan diet is the most effective way to protect the environment

Environmental protection - a study by Oxford University: the most effective contribution is to avoid animal products. You can find all the other results in our blog post.

Meat is more harmful to the climate than the oil industry

When it comes to climate change, most people think of airplanes, cars or the smoking chimneys of factories. But many people don't know this: Animal-based foods have a considerable impact on the climate balance.

Plastic - a problem that affects us all

Over the last few decades, plastic has become a major problem on our planet. While 1.5 million tonnes of plastic were produced worldwide in 1950, this figure had risen to 322 million tonnes by 2015.

Forest fires in the Amazon: what you can do

The worst forest fires are currently raging in Brazil. The Amazon, the green lung of our planet, is in danger.

Meat consumption in Germany and the effects

Hardly any other food has as many negative effects on the environment as meat. This is because meat consumption leads to increased species extinction, a high waste of resources and favours climate change.

African swine fever - wild boars in Germany are expected to die

The pork industry is booming - and not just in Germany, but also in many other countries. Around 800,000 tonnes of pork and by-products were exported in 2016.