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Arginine and citrulline: the perfect combo

Do you want to give your all during training and surpass yourself? Then Arginine and Citrulline are for you. The two amino acids are among the most effective sports supplements. You can find out why you should definitely take the two amino acids together in today's blog post.

How do arginine and citrulline help you to increase your training performance?

The vasodilating effect of the two supplements ensures better blood circulation. This means that more nutrients and oxygen are transported to the muscle and waste products such as ammonia or lactate are better removed. The improved supply to your muscles means you can train for longer, as signs of fatigue are reduced. The two supplements also support your regeneration and ensure that sore muscles fade less. This means you'll be ready for your next training session sooner.

Nitric oxide (NO), whose precursor is arginine, is responsible for the vasodilating properties. You can read more about the effect of L-arginine here. L-citrulline is first converted to L-arginine, which then also produces nitric oxide. The effect of the two supplements is therefore based on the same effect. Wouldn't it be sufficient to take just one of the two supplements? You will find the answer in the next section.

At the moment, both supplements work in the same way, but with a time delay. While nitric oxide can be formed directly from L-arginine, L-citrulline is converted first. Taking L-arginine therefore leads to a faster increase in plasma levels, while the effect of L-citrulline is delayed. Allegedly, a combined intake can prolong the effect of arginine from a few to up to twelve hours. At the same time, citrulline delays the breakdown of arginine and ensures higher concentrations in the blood. Studies show that the combination of 1 g of each supplement increases L-arginine plasma levels in men more than taking 2 g of L-citrulline or 2 g of L-arginine alone. Citrulline is therefore often referred to as a natural arginine reducer or enhancer. For the maximum training effect and pump, a combined intake of the two supplements therefore makes sense.
By the way, the combination does not only make sense in sporting areas. The duo's enhancing properties are also used for conditions such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris or erectile dysfunction. Incidentally, cognitive abilities are also said to be improved by the two supplements, as the brain is better supplied with blood and oxygen.