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Train better? Benefit from our motivational tips!

If you want to achieve top sporting performance, you not only need strong muscles, but also strong nerves. mental strength and the right attitude are important factors in being successful and achieving your goals. In competitive situations, they often decide whether you win or lose. It is not for nothing that professional athletes often have a sports psychologist at their side and undergo mental training in addition to their physical training. You don't have to go quite that far, but our tips can help you to train more motivated and successfully.

Set yourself the right goals when exercising

Defined upper arms, fitting into tight jeans again or finally running a marathon– most of the goals we set ourselves are results-oriented. Experts also speak of extrinsic or other motives. However, intrinsic (inner) motivation is more likely to keep you on the ball in the long term. This primarily serves personal satisfaction. This could be the high you get from running or the deep relaxation you experience in a yoga class.

So ask yourself the following question: Why am I doing sport? To get a well-toned body or because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good? Many people torture themselves with exercises that they don't enjoy just to get a six-pack. Or they torture themselves to a yoga class to learn trendy contortions, but actually much prefer team sports. No wonder that regular training is difficult. Search for your inner drive and don't just focus on the finished result.

Make your workout a hobby and not a chore. Integrate your workout as a fixed part of your daily routine. Ideally, you should always do your workout at the same time. For example, every morning at 6:00 a.m. or in the evening straight after work.

Bring challenges into your training routine

Even if you have already found your favorite sport: Don't just try to go through your training program. Turn your workout into a challenge and surpass yourself! Beat your own best time, lift more weights, keep going for longer - progress is the best motivational kick. Make sure that your challenges are achievable. Experts use the so-called SMART method for this. This helps you to put your plans into practice more easily. According to the SMART method, goals should be s specific, m measurable, a attractive, r realistic and t defined. Instead of „I want to get better“, for example, „I want to improve my best running time by 10% by the end of the month“.

SOS tips for an acute motivation slump

&overcome your bastard!

Don't feel like exercising at all? Then try to get yourself up for at least a short time. Just 10 minutes! Bet you'll keep exercising after 10 minutes and won't want to go back to the couch?

Create a playlist for yourself!

Nothing motivates like the right music. Create a playlist with your favorite songs. Music not only motivates, but also boosts performance. Studies show that runners were significantly faster with the right music. A beat of 110-140 BPM (beats per minute) is ideal for jogging. Music has also been shown to increase performance in weight training. So: headphones on and off you go.

The right outfit and equipment!

Get out of your everyday outfit and into your training gear. The anticipation of your workout is much greater if you can do it in a great outfit and with professional equipment. Your favorite outfit or brand awakens positive feelings and increases your desire to work out.

Find a training partner!

If you find it difficult to keep to regular training times, you should train with a partner, as it's not so easy to cancel fixed appointments. You can also motivate or push each other.

Get out of the daily grind!

The ultimate motivational kick? Breaking out of your routine and leaving your comfort zone. Try something new and expose your mind and body to unknown stimuli. Do your workout outside today or try out the latest trend sport


Look for motivating role models!

For some, it can be motivating to look at the well-trained bodies on Instagram or watch the latest fitness video from your favorite blogger on YouTube. Others prefer to hang a poster of their favorite athlete in their workout room. Look for role models who inspire and motivate you. But remember: the original is always better than the copy. Ultimately, you have to go your own way.