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The nutri+ nutrition concept with the Kilopurzler Shake - vegan meal replacement

How nutri+ works:

The nutri+ protein diet (nutritional concept for losing weight) was developed by our nutritionists and is also made up of three different points: satiety, metabolic activation and calorie reduction.


The nutri+ satiety concept is also based on a simple scientifically proven fact: no macronutrient leads to such a comprehensive and long-lasting satiety effect as protein. This feeling of satiety is accompanied by the fortunate circumstance that when proteins are metabolized, around 20 % of the energy supplied is immediately used up again due to the thermogenesis that takes place. Conversion into carbohydrates or fat is even more energy-intensive.
So what could be more obvious than to take advantage of these properties in a diet?

At the same time, your energy metabolism is activated by the supply of high doses of B vitamins, L-carnitine, bio-flavonoids and other vital substances, paving the way for optimal fat burning. This also ensures the supply of all essential vitamins, bulk and trace elements.

You can also save calories by replacing one or more main meals with our aspartame-free protein shakes from nutri+. At the same time, we provide you with simple, delicious and low-calorie recipes.

In order to achieve lasting weight loss, it is important to approach the diet slowly and in a controlled manner. In particular, stay away from "turbo diets" and the like, as these will only destroy your metabolism and "gain" more kilos in the long term than you lose in the short term.
In practice, this means losing approx. 1 kg of weight per week (in the first week it can be up to 2 kg), otherwise there is a risk that the body will switch to energy-saving mode, performance in everyday life will decline and the weight will also come back after the diet has ended.


nutri+ protein shake meal replacement:
50g nutri+ Kilopurzler shake in 300ml water
2g (equivalent to half a teaspoon) of sunflower or safflower oil

Mix or stir all the ingredients together and then drink


Depending on your weight loss goals, replace one or more main meals with a vegan meal replacement without aspartame


This meal replacement has approx. 220 calories per shake as well as all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other vital substances*, saving you approx. 400-500 calories compared to a normal main meal.

Our recommendation for the nutritional concept for losing weight:

Replace lunch with a shake. This has the advantage that the large portion of protein satiates you for a long period of time and you automatically feel less hungry in the evening and therefore consume fewer calories. In the evening, choose one of our delicious and low-calorie recipes from our recipe library.
Of course, you can also replace another meal with a shake.
Make sure you drink enough fluids, especially during the diet (at least 1.5 liters of water per day).

The nutri+ protein shakes are:

- low in fat
- low in saturated fat
- low in sugar
- no added sugar
- aspartame-free

They have a very high protein content (over 80%) and are available in 11 flavors (vanilla, strawberry, cherry, cappuccino, white chocolate, passion fruit, coconut, chocolate, banana, hazelnut and neutral)


*(according to §14a dietary regulations)

Recipes (nutritional concept for losing weight):

In order to maintain your desired weight in the long term, a certain change in diet is usually unavoidable. In particular, the pleasure of eating should not be neglected.
If you have to torture yourself every day, you will not be successful in the long run and will eventually fall back into old patterns.
In our recipe library you will find a variety of delicious, varied and low-calorie recipes to cook. For quick meals in between, to take away or to indulge in at length.

Do you have delicious recipes that you would like to share with us? Use our contact form or send them to us by email: