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Orthomolecular nutritional supplements now available

Bonn, August 2013 - The Bonn-based start-up company Nutrition-Plus Germany is entering the online vitamin mail order business and is now selling orthomolecular food supplements on the Internet via the company's own website
Under the product name Nutri-Plus, the company offers nutritional supplements and dietary foods developed and manufactured in Germany, which are tailored to specific life situations.

Nutrition-Plus Germany was founded in 2013 and develops and distributes nutritional supplements designed for special life situations. The founder and managing director of the start-up is Andreas Kesseler, an ecotrophologist and nutritionist. As a nutritionist, he not only has extensive expertise in vitamins and minerals, but his many years of experience as a nutritionist also help him to recognise deficiencies in nutrition and in the supply of essential micronutrients and to prevent possible deficiencies and further-reaching health consequences. On this basis, Andreas Kesseler developed the Nutri-Plus Orthomolecular food supplement range, which is based on the principle of orthomolecular medicine. This assumes that many diseases are the result of an imbalance of nutrients in the body.
The special thing about it: "Unlike many other orthomolecular nutritional supplements, Nutri-Plus products are based on the recommended maximum amounts. This prevents oversupply. From a nutritional point of view, such an oversupply is not only unnecessary, but can also be dangerous," says Andreas Kesseler in response to the question of what distinguishes his products from other dietary supplements.

Under the name Nutri-Plus Orthomolecular, Nutrition Plus Germany offers five different food supplement products that are tailored to specific life circumstances, illnesses and/or age groups. These include Nutri-Plus Orthomolecular 50+, Nutri-Plus Orthomolecular NeoVita (for pregnant and breastfeeding women), Nutri-Plus Orthomolecular Heart, Nutri-Plus Orthomolecular Immune and Nutri-Plus Orthomolecular Sport. The Nutrition-Plus Germany range also includes a aspartame-free protein powder (Nutri-Plus Shape & Shake) and an associated diet concept. An expert team of nutritionists is responsible for the development and continuous monitoring of Nutri-Plus products.

The products are manufactured by the company alphacaps from North Rhine-Westphalia. This means that all production steps - from the idea to manufacture and distribution - are "Made in Germany". The expansion of the existing range and the development of further products are already being planned.

Another component is the Nutri-Plus nutrition and health coach, which regularly provides customers with fitness tips, delicious recipes and news about health and nutrition.

Orthomolecular products

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