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Milk Away Protein


Content: 1
  • Protein powder made from pea, pumpkin seed, buckwheat, rice & hemp
  • light creaminess and pleasant sweetness
  • 20 g protein per serving
Chocolate Brownie
Cinnamon Sugar
Hazelnut Cookie
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Milk Away Protein: This is what building muscle without stomach problems tastes like!

Are you also annoyed by those annoying stomach problems after drinking protein shakes? Do you always feel like your stomach is going on a roller coaster ride when you eat your protein powder?

Problems like these can take the fun out of it. can really ruin your healthy lifestyle. But don't worry, you're not alone!

We know the pain of protein-related abdominal problems and have finally developed a solution that catapults these problems into the past: The Milk Away protein powder!

Thanks to its ingredients that do not contain gluten and soy protein, Milk Away is absolutely ideal for people with allergies and intolerances. No more stomach problems and the unpleasant feeling of fullness!

Power from 5 plant protein sources!

Based on 5 carefully selected plant protein components, pea, pumpkin seed, buckwheat, rice, hemp protein, this protein powder without gluten and soy protein guarantees that you get all the essential amino acids that your body needs and at the same time enjoy the best biological value!

You have the choice between a variety of creamy, delicious varieties, all of which will offer you a true plant-based taste explosion. You can simply mix it with water, plant-based milk or in your favorite smoothie and it always tastes great!
So why wait? Convince yourself of nutri+ Milk Away Protein!

Nutrients & ingredients

Milk Away Protein Powder

Flavour: Chocolate Brownie

Ingredients: Pea Protein Isolate, Pumpkin Seed Protein, strongly de-oiled Cacao Powder (12 %), Buchwheat Flour, Rice Protein, Flavour, Hemp Protein, Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Sweetener (Sucralose).

Per 100 g


Per  serving (per 30 g)

Nutrition information        
Energy (kJ) 1591 kJ   477 kJ
Energy (kcal) 378 kcal   113 kcal
Total Fat 10 g   3.0 g
of which saturates 2.7 g   0.8 g
Carbohydrates 7.0 g   2.1 g
of which sugar 0.8 g   0 g
Fibre 10 g   3.0 g
Protein 58 g   17 g
Salt* 1.5 g   0.45 g
Leucine 4.7 g      
Lysine 3.8 g      
Threonine 2.1 g      
Valine 3.2 g      
Isoleucine 2.8 g      
Phenylalanine 3.6 g      
Methionine 1.0 g      
Tryptophan 0.5 g      
Histidine 1.5 g      
Proline 2.3 g      
Tyrosine 2.1 g      
Arginine 6.1 g      
Glycine 1.8 g      
Cysteine/Cystine 0.8 g      
Glutamic acid 10.7 g      
Aspartic acid 6.4 g      
Serine 2.8 g      
Alanine 2.7 g      
* only naturally occurring sodium


Pour 300 ml of liquid into a shaker and add 30 g of powder (about 3 heaped tablespoons). Shake properly until the powder is completely dissolved. Athletes should consume the shake after training.


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June 3, 2023 00:54

Bestes veganes Proteinpulver

Nach etlichen Enttäuschungen bei veganen Proteinpulvern bin ich hier endlich fündig geworden. Geschmacklich für mich das beste Protein, vor allem Hazelnut Cookie und Chocolate Brownie fallen sehr positiv auf. Bei Chocolate Brownie ist leider der Proteinanteil vergleichsweise gering, dafür harmonieren hier Geschmack und Konsistenz extrem gut - kommt einem "echten" Brownie erstaunlich nahe. Eignet sich sehr gut zum Backen oder Untermischen. Hazelnut Cookie ist rundum gelungen, hier auch mit etwas höherem Proteinanteil als bei Chocolate Brownie. Alles in allem wirklich tolle Produkte. Hervorzuheben ist auch der Verschluss der Verpackungen, der sehr einfach und schnell zu bedienen ist. Über die Marke selbst und ihr Engagement müssen wahrscheinlich nicht mehr viele Worte verloren werden - großes Lob dafür!

May 2, 2023 12:59

Chocolate Brownie

Geschmacksrichtung Chocolate Brownie ist der Hit! Schmeckt für mich fast wie normales Whey. Sehr cremig und angenehm im Geschmack. Ist auf jeden Fall mein neues Lieblings-Proteinpulver!!!

April 26, 2023 18:20

Zimt ist super

Tolle neue Sorte, wird sehr cremig und sättigt dadurch enorm. Bisher nur die Zimt-Sorte probiert, aber das ist gleich ein neuer Liebling geworden.

FAQ: Milk Away Protein
The nutri+ Milk Away Protein is sweetened with the sweetener sucralose (exception: neutral flavor). The great advantage of sweeteners like sucralose is that they have a very high sweetening power and only small amounts need to be used. You are looking for a multi-component protein that is sweetened with stevia? Then you can fall back on our High Five Protein. If you prefer to sweeten it yourself and do without sweeteners completely, you are right with our Nature's protein powder.
The protein components used in Milk Away Protein do not naturally contain gluten. However, cross-contamination with gluten-containing components may occur during the manufacturing process. Therefore, we cannot exclude the possibility that traces of gluten may be present.
Just the way you like it! You can mix it with water, dissolve it in (vegetable) milk or add it to your favorite smoothie. The possibilities are endless and it always tastes great! This makes protein enjoyment a part of your daily routine.

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Our Recommendations

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No more cravings! Snacking allowed: We have the perfect vegan protein bar for when you're craving something sweet again. Our Milk Away Bar has an incredibly delicious filling with caramel flavour and delicious protein crispies with a coating of crunchy dark chocolate. This makes our protein bar the ideal alternative to conventional chocolate bars. Our vegan protein bar is perfect for on the go. A whole 13 g of protein per bar and only 0.7 g of sugar - our vegan protein bar is therefore not only suitable for people who want to replace their sugary chocolate bars, but also for athletes who value a protein-rich diet. In addition, our Milk Away Bar contains no gluten, soy or lactose. Therefore, our vegan protein bar is ideal for people who suffer from intolerances or food allergies. We get our high-quality protein by adding the two protein sources pea and hemp.

Content: 0.6 kg (€33.32 / kg)

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