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Premium Firness Shaker


Content: 1
  • produced in Germany climate neutral
  • 100% recyclable, material based on sugar cane molasses
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You can't get more sustainable than this!

Our Premium Shaker is considered the most sustainable shaker in the world. Produced in Germany in a climate-neutral way and made on the basis of sugar cane molasses, it is 100% recyclable. No petroleum or harmful substances are used in its production. Components of sugar production, which can only be used poorly for the production of food, serve as raw material for the extraction of the biobased plastic.

But it was not only the issue of sustainability that played a major role in production. Special attention was also paid to the durability of the material. Visually, the fitness shaker convinces with its minimalist design. Of course, the nutri+ Premium Shaker is dishwasher safe and waterproof, making it the perfect companion for your daily fitness routine. Whether in the gym or home gym: our premium shaker may not be missing.

The ideal fitness shaker

A Benderball made of metal ensures creamy shakes, so that the powder dissolves in the shaker without forming lumps. Thus, the shaker is perfectly suitable for our protein powders and instant powders (such as our BCAAminos or our V-Loader). Of course, the shaker also makes a good figure as a drinking bottle for on the go.

The shaker are composed of container, screw cap with cap and Benderball. The capacity is about 800 ml. With the internal scale, liquid quantities up to 600 ml can be measured.


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January 31, 2023 10:25

Gutes Produkt

Ich war auf der Suche nach einer nachhaltigeren und gesünderen Alternative zu den 0815 Shakern und bin hiermit fündig geworden. Nur die Skala innen ist doof, da man diese nicht erkennen kann. Der Shaker ist schwarz, also ist auch der Shaker von innen sehr dunkel und die kleine Beschriftung verschwindet.

September 21, 2022 07:17

Absolut stylisch

Sieht super aus, wirkt sehr hohwertig. Nur die Messskala innen ist unnütz

FAQ: Premium Firness Shaker
Since the shaker has a twist-on cap instead of a push-on cap, it is 100% waterproof.
On the inside of the shaker are lines to measure quantities up to 600 ml. Due to the fact that the scale is located inside the shaker, the minimalist and modern look is maintained.
Our shaker has the following dimensions: 85 mm x 210 mm x 85 mm.

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