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Mannose with Cranberry & Rose Hip, 30 Sticks


Content: 0.102 (€97.94 / 1 kg)
  • with D-mannose, vitamin C, L-methionine and cranberry extract
  • purely natural and well-tolerated ingredients
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The nutri+ Mannose Sticks contain a specially developed nutrient formula with the natural and herbal ingredients D-mannose, L-methionine, cranberry extract and Vitamin C from rosehip extract. The product ensures healthy well-being. Simply dissolve a stick in 200 ml of water. If acutely needed, the dose can be increased to 2-3 sticks per day. Thanks to the practical portioning of the drinking granules into individual sticks, our product is ideal for on the go and always ready to hand when needed.

4-fold complex and natural taste

Our sticks contain the following ingredients:

  • D-Mannose - a natural simple sugar that, for example, B. is also contained in oranges or cranberries
  • L-Methionine - an essential amino acid that changes the pH of urine
  • Cranberry extract - popular for urinary tract infections
  • Rose hip extract with natural vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system

The mannose powder is characterized not only by its 4-fold complex of ingredients, but also by its naturally delicious cranberry taste. Without artificial flavors, with Stevia sweetened.

The sticks are sugar-, gluten- and soy-free and 100% vegan (without lactose, milk protein or other animal ingredients). The nutri+ Mannose Sticks are developed in Germany by our nutritionists under the strictest quality standards.

What to do if you have a bladder infection?

Drinking a lot is the most important measure to drive the pathogens out of the bladder through the urine. Diuretic teas are particularly recommended here. Heat helps with pain, e.g. B. in the form of a hot water bottle or a bath. If the symptoms do not improve after a few days or even get worse, you should definitely get a medical examination. Strengthen your immune system with enough rest and a nutritious diet ;hearing. The nutri+ Mannose Sticks could support you with vitamin C, as a contribution to the normal function of the immune system.   

Nutrients & ingredients

Mannose with Cranberry and Rosehip - Sticks

Ingredients: D-mannose (58.8 %), L-methionine, cranberry fruit extract (7.9 %), rosehip fruit extract (6.7 %), natural flavour, sweetener (steviol glycosides from stevia).

Nutrition facts per daily serving:



daily serving (1 stick)

Rosehip Extract       222 mg  
- of which Vitamin C       100 mg 125
L-Methionine       750 mg  
D-Mannose       2000 mg  
Cranberry-Extract       270 mg  
- of which Proanthocyanidins       81 mg  

 *Percentage of nutrient reference values (NRV) according to Regulation (EU) Nr. 1169/2011


Dissolve the contents of one stick in 200 ml of water and drink once a day. If necessary, dissolve the contents of one stick in 200 ml of water and drink up to 3 times a day.


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