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Basic knowledge of sports nutrition
Here you will find interesting and helpful articles about your health and sports nutrition. 

Coaching - Basiswissen Sporternährung


Effects of caffeine on athletic performance

For many people, starting the day without a hot cup of coffee is unimaginable. This is because the caffeine contained in coffee wakes you up, gets your circulation going and increases your ability to concentrate.

Lysine: The amino acid for muscles and the immune system

L-lysine is one of the essential amino acids and cannot be produced by the body itself. It is sometimes also referred to as an "absolutely essential amino acid". I

Omega-3: Why athletes benefit from taking it

Physical performance can benefit in many ways from supplementation with omega-3. A review from last year shows the benefits of taking the fatty acids for athletes.

Training sober - what's the point?

There are countless opinions on the subject of "training sober". Some swear by training on an empty stomach, while others consider it ineffective.

Which is better: multi-component protein or individual proteins?

Whey, casein, soya, rice: Which protein is best for building muscle? Should I favour individual protein types or rather multi-component protein?

Nutritional recommendations for recreational and competitive sports

If you are asked about ways to improve your performance in competitive sport, special nutritional measures certainly spring to mind.

Orthomolecular nutritional supplements - use in sport

The right diet is an important factor in getting the most out of sporting activities - whether endurance sports or strength-orientated sports such as bodybuilding.