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Orthomolecular medicine and burnout

The term burnout refers to a state of mental, emotional or physical exhaustion that is accompanied by reduced resilience.
This overload is usually triggered by stress and cannot be managed due to reduced performance.
According to a Robert Koch study, almost 5% of the total population suffer from burnout syndrome, with around 30% complaining of exhaustion.

Similar to Migraines and stress, acute burnout leads to disturbances in energy metabolism. The need for vital substances is increased and the body needs more active ingredients to get the metabolism flowing again. Furthermore, accompanying symptoms such as headaches, concentration problems, immune deficiencies etc. can also be positively influenced by micronutrient therapy.

First and foremost, the B vitamins should be mentioned here. A deficiency of B1, B2 and B6 can lead to tiredness, irritability and fatigue and favour depression. An appropriate intake of these vitamins can improve mental well-being and alleviate or eliminate the symptoms mentioned.

An insufficient intake of folic acid and vitamin B12 can also have a negative impact on mental and psychological well-being, while supplementation of these vitamins can reduce some of the symptoms of burnout. This applies to a similar extent to the antioxidant micronutrients (e.g. vitamins C & E), which naturally combat oxidative stress.
When it comes to minerals, iron and especially magnesium, which is also known as an anti-stress mineral, should be emphasised. Magnesium plays an essential role in cell metabolism as an energy provider.
Other important vital substances are L-carnitine, zinc (also in our zinc tablets), vitamin D, co-enzyme Q10 and amino acid arginine. These nutrients are combined in our orthomolecular supplements Nutri-Plus Sport.

To our ortho products

Orthomolecular medicine can be a very promising therapeutic method, especially for psychological complaints. Although it is not able to eliminate the trigger, it can help the body to deal with it better.
A needs-based supply of orthomolecular vitamins ensures that the energy metabolism functions smoothly and the nervous system can produce sufficient messenger substances.
This leads to increased stress tolerance and therefore improved performance, which in turn has positive effects on well-being.


Orthomolecular products should only ever be used to supplement or support a therapeutic procedure.