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Meal replacement - the solution for losing weight

Successful and long-term weight loss is not easy for many people. Strict bans, a well-timed sports programme and counting calories until you drop - that's what most people associate with losing weight. A simple method is just what you need to achieve success on the scales as quickly as possible. We have the solution! With our vegan meal replacement, you can easily replace one or more meals a day with a delicious shake. But what is actually in such a meal replacement and will you be provided with all the important nutrients? We explain all this to you today in our new blog post.

What is a meal replacement?

A meal replacement is formulated in such a way that it can easily replace one or more main meals a day. This is because the product still providesall essential nutrients to cover the daily requirement of micronutrients even during a diet, so that no deficiency symptoms can occur. Our Nutri-Plus Kilopurzler shake therefore fulfils the requirements of §14a of the Dietary Guidelines.

In addition, a meal replacement contains large amounts of protein, which is particularly important when losing weight. Protein is necessary for maintaining and building muscle mass and also ensures a longer-lasting feeling of satiety. A meal replacement therefore has a positive effect on weight loss and is mainly offered in the form of meal replacement shakes.weight loss success with our meal replacement

Our Kilopurzler shake is low in calories and therefore contains just 220 kcal per shake. It contains 25 g of protein including all essential amino acids and is therefore ideal for all sports enthusiasts with an increased protein requirement. Our meal replacement is also low in sugar and fat and contains no added sugar. With 220 kcal and a whole 25 g protein per shake, our meal replacement is therefore ideal for losing weight. The vanilla, chocolate and neutral varieties are available so you don't get bored!

Replacing one main meal with our meal replacement (while following a low-calorie diet) will help you maintain your weight after losing weight. If you replace two main meals, this will lead to weight loss.


A meal replacement only makes sense if a calorie-reduced diet is also followed. If fewer calories are consumed throughout the day than the body uses, a calorie deficit occurs and you lose weight. As a rule, there should also be a calorie deficit of around 500 kcal per day. It is also important that you consume enough fluids in the form of water or unsweetened tea (2 to 3 litres per day) and eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eat lots of fruit, vegetables, cereal products and pulses, as these fill your stomach and make you feel full more quickly. You should also exercise regularly and get some exercise in your free time too.

Are you unsure whether you are already eating a balanced and healthy diet? No problem - simply take our nutrition check.

Micronutrients contained in our Kilopurzler shake

Vitamin C Pantothenic acid
Vitamin B2 Zinc
Vitamin B6 Iodine
Vitamin E Niacin
Biotin Vitamin B1
Folic acid Vitamin D
Vitamin K Potassium
Calcium Magnesium
Iron Vitamin B12
Copper Selenium
Vitamin A Phosphorus
Manganese Linoleic acid

Even better results with our Kilopurzler glucomannan capsules

In addition, we recommend our Kilopurzler glucomannan capsules to achieve even better results on the scales. Glucomannan is a natural dietary fibre that swells in the stomach, filling it up and sending a satiety signal to the brain more quickly. Taken before a meal, it therefore helps you to eat less


How should our meal replacement be taken?

Simply stir 50 g of powder (equivalent to 4 scoops) into 300 ml of water and 4.5 g of sunflower oil each day, prepare in a blender or shaker or whisk with a whisk. The delicious shake is ready! The advantage of a meal replacement: you don't have to think long and hard about what to eat and you don't have to spend long in the kitchen.