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Healthy snack(s) at Christmas

Delicious and sweet temptations lure us in at every corner during the Christmas period, which hardly anyone can resist. In the new year, however, it's easy to put on a few extra kilos. How can you get through Christmas without gaining weight? In this blog article, we show you delicious and healthy alternatives to the usual snacking. In addition to the typical biscuits, chocolates and other sweet treats, there are also winter snacks with just a few calories.

Table of contents:

  1. Healthy Christmas biscuits
  2. Healthy alternatives to conventional sweet treats

Healthy Christmas cookies

Biscuits are an integral part of the Christmas season. We'll show you a few tips on how you can easily make delicious and healthy Christmas biscuits:

1. replace wheat flour with wholemeal flour for your healthy snack

Wheat flour is still more commonly used by many people for baking than the much healthier wholemeal flour. Wholemeal flour (e.g. spelt flour) contains important fibre, which keeps you full for a long time, lowers cholesterol levels and also has a positive effect on digestion. Wholemeal flour also contains important vitamins and minerals.

2. replace sugar with healthy alternatives

Of course, biscuits have to taste sweet. However, it shouldn't be conventional white household sugar that gives Christmas biscuits the necessary sweetness. There are now plenty of other healthy alternatives, such as maple syrup, agave syrup or coconut blossom sugar.


3. use our protein powder for a high protein content

Our protein powder is ideal for baking biscuits in particular.

The proteins it contains provide the body and especially the muscles with all the necessary amino acids. The protein powders in vanilla, (white) chocolate, hazelnut, coconut and cappuccino flavours give the Christmas biscuits the necessary flavour and can be used for a wide variety of recipes.

You can find delicious and healthy biscuit recipes here on our homepage. In addition, more delicious recipes will be hidden in our Advent calendar on Instagram over the next 17 days. Just check back there every day!

Christmas at nutri+


Healthy alternatives to conventional snacks

Baked apple, the healthy snack

A delicious alternative to high-calorie, sweet treats are baked apples - provided they are prepared correctly. Because baked apples can be filled as desired and are a sweet highlight on cold winter days. The smell in the home alone whets the appetite for these sweet treats.

Baked apples are quick and easy to prepare. Tart apple varieties such as Boskop are best. The core of the apple is cut out at the beginning and the resulting cavity is filled. A filling with almond slivers, other nuts, raisins and cinnamon is particularly tasty and healthy.

When cutting out the core, make sure you don't damage the bottom of the apple so that the filling can't run out.

The baked apples are then baked in the oven at a medium heat until the skin of the apple bursts open. You can also bake baked apples in the microwave.

Sweet treat with mandarins

A vitamin-rich alternative to all the biscuits and chocolates are mandarins. These are particularly popular at Christmas time and should not be missed. Mandarins are available in shops from October to January.

Mandarins not only have a great aroma and a delicious sweet flavour, but are also very healthy.

They contain many important vitamins and minerals. Among other things, mandarins are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, potassium and calcium. In addition, one mandarin provides a third of an adult's daily vitamin C requirement.

As a medium-sized mandarin orange only contains around 50 calories, you can eat mandarins throughout the day without worrying.

Maroon snack

Hot chestnuts (also known as chestnuts) are probably familiar to everyone at Christmas. This favourite winter snack is on offer at every Christmas market.

Chestnuts have a sweet flavour and are low in fat. Chestnuts also contain many important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, iron and magnesium. With only 180 kcal per bag, a portion of chestnuts is a good alternative to unhealthy snacks.

When raw, chestnuts are inedible. That's why they are roasted or boiled before eating.

The chestnuts only develop their characteristic nutty-sweet flavour when they are roasted or cooked. You can prepare chestnuts at home in a pan or in the oven.

Punch as a sweet treat

Punch is a very popular drink at Christmas time, as hot punch warms the body and tastes simply delicious - especially in cold temperatures. However, punch is often made with alcohol and lots of sugar and is therefore high in calories.

But punch can also be easily prepared at home. Instead of alcohol and lots of juice, you can use fruit tea and a little orange or apple juice. Fresh oranges, apples or lemons provide the necessary flavour.