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Weight gainer: Push your muscle building!

Push muscle growth with weight gainers? In our blog post, you can find out what makes a weight gainer and who benefits from it.

You're not building muscle despite perfect training? Then you should optimise your diet! If you want to build muscle mass, you need not only the right training but also sufficient proteins and a calorie surplus. This means that you need to take in more calories than you consume. When building muscle, you normally expect to consume around 300-500 kcal (equivalent to around 10-20% of your energy requirements) in addition per day.

What is meant by a weight gainer?

People with an ectomorphic metabolism (so-called hard gainers) are characterised by the fact that they have little body fat and find it difficult to build muscle. While other people put on weight just by looking at a piece of cake, ectomorphic body types can practically eat whatever they want. Their metabolism is always running at full speed and burns lots of calories. What sounds like a blessing at first becomes a curse when it comes to building muscle mass. But even hardgainers can build muscle if they optimise their diet. On the other hand, even people with a "normal" metabolism do not automatically build muscle. In addition to the right training and a sufficient protein intake, a higher calorie intake is also the basic requirement here. Weight gainers are therefore often used to push muscle building.

The term weight gainer stands for an easily consumable (in liquid form) and quickly digestible source of calories. A combination of protein and carbohydrates is essential. The carbohydrate content is often higher in order to increase the calorie intake. This allows the body's stores to be replenished quickly and the increased energy requirements to be met.

Nutri-Plus V-Gainer: support for training and muscle building

  • Carbohydrates provide energy
  • Proteins promote muscle building
  • Iron, manganese and phosphorus contribute to normal energy metabolism
    • Iron: reduces fatigue and contributes to normal energy metabolism and oxygen transport
    • Manganese: helps to protect cells from oxidative stress
    • Phosphorus: contributes to normal energy metabolism

Nutri-Plus V-Gainer: what sets it apart from other weight gainers

  • Nutrient-rich wholemeal oat flour instead of maltodextrin
  • No refined carbohydrates / no added sugar
  • protein content over 35 %
  • low glycaemic index
  • valuable dietary fibre
  • made in Germany
  • vegan

The special feature of our V-Gainer is that we use nutrient-rich wholemeal oat flour instead of maltodextrin. This provides vitamins and minerals as well as fibre to aid digestion. Our V-Gainer provides you with a wholesome carbohydrate-protein combination and is the perfect addition to your diet for bodybuilding and weight training.