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Smoothie basics - 6-step guide

Smoothies are fruity, creamy and very healthy. They are real vitamin bombs and provide the body with lots of important vitamins, minerals and fibre. Smoothies are not only very healthy, but also quick and easy to prepare.

Would you like to create your own smoothies? Then we have a simple guide for you.

Smoothies - the vitamin bombs

Smoothies originated in America and are the name given to cold mixed drinks made from fruit or vegetables. They are not only a hit in summer, but smoothies also provide the body with many important nutrients in winter

Smoothies have a high nutrient density and are therefore important sources of vitamins, minerals, fibre and secondary plant substances. At the same time, they usually contain no fat.

Vitamins and minerals are involved in immune defence, regulate vital functions in the body and are essential for many metabolic processes in the body. Fibre promotes digestion and leads to rapid satiety.

The current recommendation of the German Nutrition Society for adults is 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. This corresponds to a daily intake of around 400 g of vegetables and 200-250 g of fruit. If at least half of a portion (200-250 ml) of smoothie consists of pulp, puree or chunky ingredients, up to 2 portions of fruit or vegetables can be replaced. Provided the smoothie is made without added sugar and additives such as colourings and preservatives.

A smoothie should always be prepared by yourself, as an extra portion of sugar and additives is often added to store-bought smoothies. Homemade smoothies are not only healthier, but also cheaper. Plus, you can only use your favourite ingredients


The following is a 6-step guide on how to make delicious smoothies. Once you know the basic elements, you can start developing your own creations.

Smoothies - 6 step guide

First of all: it's best to use seasonal and regional fruit and vegetables from organic farming.

Step 1: Vegetables

Use 1-2 ingredients of vegetables. Wash the vegetables thoroughly and cut them into small pieces. For example, use green leafy vegetables, spinach, broccoli or courgettes


Step 2: Fruit

Use 1-2 ingredients of fruit. Wash the vegetables thoroughly and cut them into small cubes. Bananas, mangoes, berries (such as raspberries, blueberries) or apples are particularly suitable


Step 3: Liquid

Add enough liquid to blend and chop the ingredients well. Depending on the consistency, use around 150-250 ml liquid. The best liquid is water, but you can also use coconut water or plant-based milk. The less liquid you use, the creamier the smoothie will be


Step 4: protein powder

Use 30 g of our neutral protein powder to supply your body with all the important amino acids. This is especially important if you are fasting or dieting to ensure muscle maintenance.

Step 5: Super foods

For a special flavour, you can also use various superfoods. Goji berries, linseed, ginger or chia seeds are particularly suitable. You can of course also use fresh herbs or spices.


Step 6: Blend

Mix all the ingredients into a creamy shake and check the consistency. You can also add a little more liquid if required


P.S.: There are no limits to your creativity!

Have fun mixing and trying things out.