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Glucomannan capsules - the appetite suppressant

Losing weight has never been so easy: with the Nutri-Plus Kilopurzler - Made in Germany. Nutri+ Kilopurzler capsules are made from konjac glucomannan, whose supportive effect on weight loss has been confirmed by the EFSA.

Nutri-Plus can help you to lose weight and keep it off permanently. Simply take 2 capsules with 2 glasses of water at least 3 times a day 30-45 minutes before a meal. This reduces the feeling of hunger and appetite and you simply save calories.

Some facts:

  • High-dose glucomannan powder from konjac extract
  • thereby contributing to weight loss as part of a low-calorie diet (from 3g/day)
  • Glucomannan contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels (from 4g/day)
  • made in Germany - strictest quality standards (IFS and GMP)
  • Developed by nutritionists
  • gluten-free and vegan (without lactose, milk protein or other animal ingredients)
  • fat and salt-free, low in sugar

Glucomannan is a water-soluble fibre obtained from the konjac root that can swell up to 50 times its own volume. It contains fat-splitting enzymes that can reduce fat absorption from food during digestion.

Glucomannan also binds bile acids. As bile acids are needed for digestion, they have to be constantly formed from cholesterol. It can therefore help to regulate cholesterol levels (from at least 4g per day).

Nutri-Plus Kilopurzler is the perfect addition to our plant-based meal replacement Nutri-Plus Kilopurzler Shake.

Wishing you a happy new year