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Flavor Drops: what the flavors from the bottle can do

Do you want to avoid sugar and fat, but not sacrifice taste? Flavor Drops are perfect for anyone who wants to reduce their calorie intake. With Flavor Drops you can snack without a guilty conscience - they are the perfect support during your diet. In our FAQ, we answer everything you need to know about these little weight loss aids.

Table of contents
  • What are flavor drops?
  • What do you do with flavor drops?
  • Which flavor drops are the best?
  • Who are flavor drops suitable for?
  • How are flavor drops used?
  • Do Flavour Drops have calories?
  • Can I combine Flavor Drops with protein powder?
  • Can Flavor Drops expire?
  • What else do Flavour Drops contain apart from flavoring?
  • Are flavor drops harmful?

What are flavor drops?

Flavor drops (also known as flave drops or flavor drops) are calorie-free flavorings that you can use to enhance foods and dishes without adding extra calories. If you want to lose weight or reduce your sugar intake, you should opt for unsweetened natural products. Flavored products such as strawberry yoghurt or vanilla quark contain a lot of sugar and are therefore taboo during a diet. Sweetened drinks also have no place when losing weight. The natural version is much healthier, but unfortunately also boring in the long run. Flavor drops can help here. They allow you to add flavor to your food without extra calories, as they are sweetened with a calorie-free sweetener.

Nutri-Plus Flave Drops

Our Nutri-Plus Flave Drops are sugar-free and fat-free. So you get full flavor with zero calories. The practical dropper bottle makes dosing easy and protects the product from contamination. Of course, our Flave Drops are also 100% vegan.

What do you do with Flavour Drops?

Flavor Drops can be used for almost anything. You can use them to refine neutral foods such as yogurt and quark or add them to ready-made dishes such as your porridge. Boring plain yogurt can be turned into a delicious treat in just a few seconds. They can also be used to spice up drinks (e.g. tea, iced tea, smoothies, protein shakes). Our Nut-Nougat or Vanilla Flave Drops go perfectly with coffee, for example. The best thing is that if you use them as an alternative to a conventional beverage syrup, you save a lot of calories every day. Thanks to their handy format, the flavor drops also fit perfectly in any bag and are ideal for taking with you. So you can also save calories on the go and always have your favorite flavor to hand.

You can also find delicious inspiration in our recipes.

High-protein strawberry tiramisu High-protein strawberry tiramisu To the recipe

Which flavor drops are the best?

Flavor Drops are now so popular that they are available in numerous flavors. With our Nutri-Plus Flave Drops, for example, there are 10 flavors to choose from. In addition to classics such as vanilla or caramel, we also have fruity flavors (e.g. strawberry or coconut) in our range. With the cheesecake or shortbread flavors, you can conjure up a delicious dessert in a flash. What's so special about our Flave Drops? They contain no humectants, colorants or preservatives.

Who are Flavour Drops suitable for? Flavor Drops are suitable for anyone who wants to eat a calorie-conscious diet. They are the perfect companion when dieting, exercising or following a sugar-reduced diet. In short: anyone who wants to save a few calories in everyday life can reach for our Flave Drops. The flavor drops are also suitable for people with intolerances, as they are gluten-, soy- and lactose-free and suitable for a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

How are Flavour Drops used

Flavor Drops are highly concentrated flavor drops. Depending on the taste and desired intensity, add 5 to 10 drops to 100 ml of liquid or 100 g of yogurt or quark. Thanks to the dropper bottle, our FlaveDrops are easy to dose. This allows you to individually determine how much flavor and sweetness you want to add to your food.

Trying Flavor Drops for the first time?

If you are using Flavour Drops for the first time, it is best to add just 1-2 drops to your food/beverage at first and then slowly increase until you have reached your desired intensity.

Do flavor drops have calories?

Our Nutri-Plus Flave Drops have no calories as they are sweetened with the calorie-free sweetener sucralose. They contain no sugar and no fat. This makes them the ideal companion during the diet phase.

Can I combine the Flavour Drops with protein powder? You can also combine Flavor Drops with protein powder. Our neutral varieties are best suited for this. However, you can also use them with flavored varieties to create completely new flavor combinations. Simply add the desired number of drops to your protein shake and shake again.

Can flavor drops expire?

Flavor Drops have a best-before date that is set by the manufacturer. This is usually two years. However, as the flavor drops only consist of flavor, water and sweetener, they can be kept for much longer. Unopened products in particular can be used for several months after the best-before date has expired. Many manufacturers use a pipette for their flavor drops, which then also comes into contact with food. This allows microorganisms to enter the bottle, reducing the shelf life and distorting the aroma. We have therefore opted for a dropper in our packaging design. The practical dropper bottle makes dosing easy and extends the shelf life at the same time.

What else do flavor drops contain besides flavor? In order for the flavor to develop its taste, it needs a carrier such as sweetness. This is why many flavored products (such as yogurt or quark) also contain a lot of sugar. With Flave Drops, a calorie-free sweetener replaces the sugar. Nutri-Plus Flave Drops contain only water, sweetener (sucralose) and flavoring. No colorants or preservatives are added (as is sometimes the case with other manufacturers).

Are flavor drops harmful?

Sweeteners such as sucralose have the great advantage that they contain no calories. The use of sucralose is regularly assessed by international expert bodies in terms of health. According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, a daily intake of up to 15 mg of sucralose per kg of body weight is safe. You can read more about sweeteners here.