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Chlorophyll Drops


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  • High-quality chlorophyll from alfalfa (lucerne)
  • 30 drops twice daily - 25 daily servings per glass bottle
  • 200 mg chlorophyllin per daily serving
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Chlorophyll Drops

Our Chlorophyll Drops are ideal for all those who eat healthily and take care of themselves and their bodies. Each daily dose (2x 30 drops) contains 200 mg chlorophyllin. To absorb this amount in your diet, you would have to eat over 1 kg of spinach. Due to their numerous positive health properties, chlorophyll drops are currently enjoying great popularity. A real hype has already arisen on social media about chlorophyll water and so-called liquid chlorophyll. The nutri+ chlorophyll drops are a purely natural product, without artificial ingredients. Thanks to the dropper pipette, our nutri+ Chlorophyll drops can be easily dosed and dissolved in water or any other liquid.

What is chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the pigment responsible for the green colour of plants. The greener a plant, the more chlorophyll it contains. Alfalfa or algae have a particularly high chlorophyll content. Plants need the green pigment for photosynthesis, i.e. the generation of energy from sunlight. In the process, the plant converts carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and glucose with the help of chlorophyll. Due to its chemical structure, the plant substance is similar to our red blood pigment haemoglobin. The only exception is that iron is the central component of haemoglobin, whereas magnesium is the central component of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll drops without additives - 100% natural from alfalfa

Our chlorophyll drops contain only purified water and chlorophyllin - nothing else. No additives such as flavourings, colourings or preservatives. The dropper pipette makes our nutri+ chlorophyll drops easy to dose and easy to dissolve in water or any other liquid. The chlorophyllin is a 100 % natural plant extract, we use alfalfa extract from Spain as raw material. Alfalfa (also known as alfalfa or eternal clover) is considered one of the highest quality chlorophyll suppliers. The plant is a real superfood and is characterised by a high content of antioxidants. Many eat it raw as sprouts, for example. The health-promoting properties of the alfalfa plant are said to have been known in ancient times.

This product should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Take care of a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and out of the reach of children. Pregnant and nursing women should consult a physician before taking any Supplements.

Nutrients & ingredients

Chlorophyllin drops

Ingredients: Purified water, natural chlorophyllin from alfalfa. Composition per daily portion (60 drops) 200 mg chlorophyllin.


Consume 30 drops dissolved in some liquid (e.g. water) 2 times daily. Shake before use, drip gently.


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February 13, 2023 09:07

Preis-Leistung unschlagbar

Tolle Chlorophyll Tropfen - bestelle ich wieder. Preis-Leistung ist unschlagbar.

February 8, 2023 11:51

Tolles Produkt!

Musste mich erstmal an den Geruch gewöhnen aber weil ich weiß, dass es meiner Gesundheit gut tut nehme ich das gerne in Kauf! Super Preis-Leistung! Zwei Pipetten voll sind ca. 30 Tropfen, das macht die Einnahmen ganz einfach.

FAQ: Chlorophyll Drops

Täglich zweimal 30 Tropfen einnehmen. Dank praktischer Dosierung mit einer Pipette kann das Chlorophyll einfach in eine beliebige Flüssigkeit (z. B. Wasser) gegeben und eingenommen werden. Auch ideal zum Smoothie oder Müsli. Vor Gebrauch gut schütteln und - Vorsicht - nicht erhitzen!

Sekundäre Pflanzenstoffe zählen nicht – wie Vitamine oder Mineralstoffe - zu den essentiellen Nährstoffen. Studien zeigten, dass sie aber ebenfalls zahlreiche positive Wirkungen auf unsere Gesundheit und unser Wohlbefinden haben. Sekundäre Pflanzenstoffe wie Polyphenole wirken z. B. als Antioxidantien. Daher empfiehlt es sich reichliche Obst und Gemüse in die tägliche Ernährung einzubauen.

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