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SUPERFOODS - Concentrated nutritional power for our body

Superfoods are true wonders for the human body, especially in today's fast-paced world. We live in a world full of hectic and stress. We are under pressure to be present everywhere and at all times, to be available around the clock. To compensate, we drink alcohol, seek relaxation with a cigarette or cosy up on the sofa with a bar of chocolate. And to make up for it, we go jogging or lift weights in the gym. This lifestyle demands a lot from us. Added to this are environmental stress factors such as exhaust fumes, radiation and chemical residues. Under all these circumstances, the body produces more free radicals. These are harmful forms of oxygen for the organism. Experts then speak of „oxidative stress“.

In order for the body to neutralise this increase in free radicals, it needs radical scavengers - so-called „antioxidants“. They deactivate the radicals in the body and thus prevent oxidation. So in order for us to be able to withstand all the stressful situations and stay healthy, active and fit, our body needs antioxidants in large quantities. We get these from the foods we eat. The choice of food plays an extremely important role here, as not all foods contain sufficient amounts of these vital substances. Modern food production has led to the fact that some traditional foods only have a low nutritional value. One of the reasons for this is that fruit and vegetables are usually harvested raw, the fruit and vegetables are depleted of nutrients or nutrients are removed from the food during further processing, which are later added back artificially.

Nutrients through superfoods

These circumstances are increasingly fuelling the desire for more originality and naturalness in life. Back to the roots. Drawing energy from the power of nature. And the best way to do this is with natural foods that have a particularly high, concentrated proportion of nutrients. These foods are known as „superfoods“.

High-quality superfoods are characterised by the fact that they are organically grown, raw - i.e. not heated above 42°C - and, at best, fairly traded. Raw because all enzymes, nutrients and their synergistic effects are retained. These foods also have a particularly high antioxidant content, as they contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals, essential amino and fatty acids and secondary plant substances. These have a positive effect on our health, strengthen the immune system, heal inflammatory processes, detoxify the body, cleanse the skin and promote healthy intestinal flora and good digestion. Deficiencies are eliminated and hormones are balanced. This results in healthy development and a generally better sense of well-being[1].

Apropos natural: Our aspartame-free protein powder Nutri-Plus Shape & Shake Neutral (Vegan) is produced completely without additives (sweeteners, flavourings, colourings).

What superfoods are available and how do they work

Raw cacao
The seeds of the cacao tree are known as cacao beans and contain one of the highest concentrations of natural antioxidants. They are rich in magnesium, zinc, chromium and vitamin C and thus support the heart and brain. However, anyone who thinks they can now eat huge amounts of chocolate is far from it! Because added fat, milk powder and sugar, as well as the thermal treatment process, negate the positive properties of cocoa. Enjoy the small cocoa beans pure, as a powder in a smoothie or as an aspartame-free protein shake.

In addition to coconut milk and coconut meat, coconuts also provide something very special: coconut water. Coconuts are harvested green for this purpose, as this is when they have the highest nutritional value. Due to its high potassium content, it is THE isotonic drink after sport. But the coconut fat from the ripe coconut also provides valuable fatty acids that the body can absorb and utilise well. When used in a natural way, skin and hair also benefit from the nourishing substances in coconuts.

Hemp seeds are one of the richest sources of plant protein. In addition to the essential amino acids, they also provide many minerals and antioxidants, as well as the highest content of the essential fatty acids omega-3, -6 and -9 - exactly in the ratio that the body needs. Whether as shelled seeds, oil or powder, as a meal, on salads or in the Nutri-Plus Shake. With its nutty flavour, hemp not only pampers the palate, but also promotes muscle building and brain performance. A true „brainfood“ in other words.

The new discovery among superfoods – the miracle tree! As the most valuable plant in the world, moringa has a complex nutrient content and is bursting with high-quality protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, E and C, potassium, calcium, iron and plenty of chlorophyll and polyphenols. With an ORAC value of more than 75,000 μmol TE (Trolox Equivalent) per 100 g, moringa is one of the most valuable sources of antioxidants [1]. It also contains zeatin, the substance that transports vital substances into the cells in the first place - an important switching point in the metabolism. The leaves can be used dried for tea or powdered as a spicy seasoning in dips and salad dressings, stirred into smoothies or yoghurt. Refine your Nutri-Plus Shake with moringa and start the day with optimal nutrition!

[1] ORAC stands for „Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity“. The higher the ORAC value, the stronger the antioxidant effect of a food. ORAC values > 10,000 are considered high and > 100,000 very high (source: ).

Chia not only regulates digestion, but also has a cleansing and energising effect and is a wonderful aid to weight loss. The latter is facilitated by the high fibre content and the swelling effect. As a result, chia keeps you full for a long time and also reduces cravings for sweets. As it has a neutral flavour, it can be used in many different ways in the kitchen: in smoothies, in jam, sprinkled over salads or in Nutri-Plus Shake – and with a long swelling time also as Nutri-Plus Pudding!

They are considered lucky berries with an anti-ageing effect! Thanks to their special polysaccharides - the Lycium barbarum polysaccharides - and valuable amino acids as well as a high proportion of vitamin C, they provide stamina, strength and beauty from the inside out. Just a handful as a snack between meals, sprinkled over your muesli in the morning, in a tea or smoothie is enough. These berries are a real eye-catcher thanks to their bright orange-red colour. Why not try an aspartame-free Nutri-Plus vanilla protein shake with a few goji berries and cocoa nibs.

The beauty food among superfoods! Açai berries are pure vitamin bombs. Due to their high antioxidant effect, they slow down the ageing process in the body and promote cell renewal. They also energise and make you feel beautiful, fresh and fit. As a powder, they can also be easily mixed into any drink - or added straight to a protein shake as a juice.

The fruit of the baobab tree is rich in calcium, potassium, iron, vitamins A, C, B1 and B6, antioxidants and fibre. Baobab therefore supports the function of the nervous system, inhibits inflammatory processes in the body and is effective against exhaustion. In Africa, it has long been regarded as a source of health and well-being. As a powder, baobab can also be mixed into drinks or fruit spreads. When used in its natural form, the oil also contributes to the suppleness of the skin and gives it elasticity and resilience.

The „Queen of the Andes“ has a special potency. Maca provides the body with a high level of energy, strength and stamina. The root tuber contains valuable essential amino acids, is full of vitamins and minerals and helps the body to cope better with stressful situations. Sprinkle a little Maca powder into your Nutri-Plus protein shake without aspartame. This gives your body the extra portion of power it needs for hectic everyday life every day.

(All information on the individual superfoods from: T. Weiss; J. Bor (2013): Super Foods. Eat yourself vital, healthy and beautiful. Schirner Verlag, Darmstadt)