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Pumpkin spice latte with protein


Preparation time: 45 minutes

  1. Start by preparing the pumpkin puree. Thoroughly wash the pumpkin, cut it into small pieces and boil the pieces in a little water for about 15-20 minutes until soft.
  2. Pour the cooking water into an extra container, you will need some of it in a moment.
  3. Place the gherkins and spices in a blender jug and blend until smooth. Add some of the cooking water if the porridge is too firm.
  4. Fill some of the spiced porridge into two glasses.
  5. Warm up the soya milk - do not boil! Add the vanilla protein powder and mix well. Ideally with a blender.
  6. Pour the vanilla shake on top of the coffee and now add an espresso to each cup.
  7. Now add some cinnamon on top and enjoy.

nutri+ wishes you bon appétit!


40 g3K protein powder, vanilla
500 mlSoy milk
400 gKürbis
50 gsugar
1 tspCinnamon
1 tspcloves
1/2 tspMuscat
1/2 tspGinger