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Micronutrients & ideal weight promote health

Simply living healthy - that is our goal. In this respect, Orthomolecular medicine has many positive influences on human health and our well-being. We nutritionists at Nutrition-Plus Germany recognised this early on and therefore developed the orthomolecular preparations with all micronutrients in the Nutri-Plus range on this basis.

Why orthomolecular food supplements?

Our food supplements contain micronutrient combinations consisting of vitamins, minerals, secondary plant substances and other vital substances. The principle of orthomolecular medicine is that our body must be supplied with sufficient quantities of these nutrients every day. Only then can deficiencies be prevented, the body protected from illness and kept healthy and resilient. Scientific research shows that these combinations of vital substances can have an influence on the development and progression of diseases and play a role in health prevention.

Depending on our life situation or age, our body needs different nutrient packages. Our nutritionists therefore focussed precisely on these individual needs when developing the Nutri-Plus products. This is because every person and every organism reacts differently to different environmental influences. On this basis, we have developed the Nutri-Plus Check-up, which we can use to determine your personal micronutrient requirements.

In the USA, orthomolecular nutritional medicine is already an officially recognised therapeutic method, which is used alongside conservative conventional medicine for migraines, diabetes, ADHD and to strengthen the immune system, among other things. Orthomolecular medicine aims to treat diseases by curing the cause of the disease rather than simply eliminating its symptoms. The advantages of orthomolecular therapy are that there are no side effects, as no exogenous substances are used for treatment.

Another important factor in keeping our organism healthy is the right body weight. It is now scientifically proven that excessive body weight or excessive food intake favours a variety of diseases and has a negative impact on life expectancy. We have therefore developed Nutri-Plus Eiweißpulver 

to support weight loss and maintain the ideal weight.