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From baklava to bum bum ice cream: the craziest flavors for our 6K protein

Our 6K protein and your crazy ideas! Your creative minds were asked for the craziest flavor of our beloved 6K protein powder. With 19 different flavors, our 6-ingredient protein is a true favorite and provides plenty of variety for your shakessmoothie bowlsprotein porridges and more. As you know, we are always working on new flavors to provide you with delicious protein powders. For example, we created our creamy special edition of the VHEY® Tiramisu flavor, which is now one of our favorites. But now it was up to you as product developers to provide us with over 100 ideas for wild protein powders.

From your collection of ideas, we've picked out the most creative and fantastic suggestions. Of course, we don't want to withhold them from you.

All about sweet baked goods

Flavors from the sweet baked goods category were particularly popular with you. Who doesn't love the classic raisin roll or peanut butter jelly toast for breakfast? So it's no surprise that these treats also make a great shake.

Tip: For all the raisin roll fans among you, we have a protein-rich recipe for the classic on our recipe blog.

Things got even sweeter and crazier with the baklava and smores protein powder ideas. What is normally a popular dessert in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries has also found its rightful place in bakeries, patisseries and delicatessens here today. And who knows where else the syrup-covered pastry will soon be found.

The popular campfire dessert of the American and Canadian scouts has also arrived here. The sugar bomb made from sweet cookies, chocolate and marshmallow is now also prepared in the oven or microwave. Can you imagine mixing the vegan and protein-rich dessert in a shaker?

Proteinpulver Rosinenbrötchen Proteinpulver Peanutbutter Jelly Proteinpulver Baklava Proteinpulver Smores

Indulge in childhood memories

Watch out! Now it's getting particularly sweet, colorful and creative. When choosing the craziest protein powder, it seems you were thinking back to the good old days. Ideas like Party Fred fruit gum or chocolate marshmallow flavor came up. True classics of children's birthday parties back then. And what couldn't be missing at a successful children's birthday party? Of course, the Benjamin Blümchen cake. This could not be missing from your imaginative ideas. How about baking a vegan, low-sugar and high-protein version of the Benjamin Blümchen cake?

But that's not all. The children's favorite ice cream flavors also came to mind as protein powder flavors. The Bum Bum ice cream was the kiosk ice cream par excellence and, in addition to its strawberry and vanilla flavor, was particularly impressive with its chewing gum stick. The shiny blue chewing gum from the ice cream parlor also popped into your head as a protein powder idea. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Proteinpulver Fruchtgummi Party Fred Proteinpulver Benjamin-Blümchen Torte Proteinpulver Bum Bum Eis Proteinpulver blaue Kaugummieis

Team sweet or savory?

Who says protein powder always has to be sweet? With our neutral protein powders, we have already proven that there is another way. But you were even more inventive and turned the tables. With the Chili Cheese Popcorn and Falafel flavors, you have combined spicy food with a load of protein. It would be possible to replace the chickpea flour in the falafel recipe with a falafel-flavored protein powder.

All vegetable lovers inside will either love or doubt the next idea. A protein powder with a broccoli flavor component. We all know how healthy the green vegetable is, but can you imagine the taste as a shake and co?

Proteilpulver Chili Cheese Popcorn Proteinpulver Falafel Proteinpulver Brokkoli

Our top 3 wild flavors

Of course, with all these great ideas, we also wanted to know which flavors you like best. We asked you on Instagram and your top 3 quickly emerged. The blue chewing gum ice cream took third place. You liked the Smores flavor the second best. Even though it was a narrow victory, the Benjamin Blümchen cake protein powder took first place. What would have been your top 3 wild flavors?